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1. Introduction

This is a programmers' guide and reference manual of the Gauche Scheme system. Here I tried to describe Gauche's implementation precisely, sometimes referring to background design choices.

The target readers are those who already know Scheme and want to write useful programs in Gauche. For those who are new to Scheme, it'll be easier to start from some kind of tutorial. I'm planning to write one.

This manual only deals with Scheme side of things. Gauche has another face, a C interface. Details of it will be discussed in a separate document to be written. Those who wants to use Gauche as an embedded language, or wants to write an extension, need that volume.

For the Scheme side, I tried to make this manual self-contained for reader's convenience, i.e. as far as you want to look up Gauche's features you don't need to refer to other documents. For example, description of functions defined in the standard documents are included in this manual, instead of saying "see the standard document". However, this document is not a verbatim copy of the standard documents; sometimes I omit detailed discussions in the standard documents for brevity. I put pointers to the original documents, so please consult them if you need to refer to the standards.

If you're reading this document off-line, you may find the most recent version on the web:

1.1 Overview of Gauche  
1.2 Notations  

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