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6.21 System interface

Gauche supports most of POSIX.1 functions and other system functions popular among Unix variants as built-in procedures.

Lots of Scheme implementations provide some sort of system interface under various APIs. Some are just called by different names (e.g, delete-file or remove-file or unlink to delete a file), some do more abstraction introducing new Scheme objects. Instead of just picking one of such interfaces, I decided to implement Gauche's system interface API in two layers; the lower level layer, described in this section, follows the operating system's API as close as possible. On top of that, the higher-level APIs are provided, with considering compatibility to the existing systems.

The low level system interface has the name sys-name and usually correspond to the system call name. I tried to keep the interface similar whenever reasonable.

If you are familiar with system programming in C, see also B. C to Scheme mapping, which shows correspondence between C standard library functions and Gauche procedures.

6.21.1 Program termination  
6.21.2 Environment Inquiry  
6.21.3 Filesystems  
6.21.4 Unix groups and users  
6.21.5 Locale  
6.21.6 Signal  
6.21.7 System Inquiry  
6.21.8 Time  
6.21.9 Unix process management  
6.21.10 I/O multiplexing  
6.21.11 Miscellaneous system calls  

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