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See also 11.6.1 Directory utilities for high-level API.

Function: sys-readdir path
path must be a string that denotes valid pathname of an existing directory. This function returns a list of strings of the directory entries. The returned list is not sorted. An error is signalled if path doesn't exists or is not a directory.

Function: sys-glob pattern
An interface to glob(3) function. pattern is a file pattern like sh(1): a character `?' matches any single character, `*' matches zero or more characters, `[abc]' matches either `a', `b' or `c'. If no pathname matches pattern, an empty list is returned.

If the undelying platform doesn't have glob(), this function signals an error of "feature not supported".

Note: it is known that on some systems glob() implementation has a security issue. Gauche will eventually implment glob() functionality in itself.

See section File stats, to check if a path is actually a directory.

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