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Signals are referred by its signal number (a small integer) defined on the underlying operating system. Variables are pre-defined to the system's signal number. System's signal numbers may be architecture dependent, so you should use those variables rather than using literal integers.

Variable: SIGABRT
Variable: SIGALRM
Variable: SIGCHLD
Variable: SIGCONT
Variable: SIGFPE
Variable: SIGHUP
Variable: SIGILL
Variable: SIGINT
Variable: SIGKILL
Variable: SIGPIPE
Variable: SIGQUIT
Variable: SIGSEGV
Variable: SIGSTOP
Variable: SIGTERM
Variable: SIGTSTP
Variable: SIGTTIN
Variable: SIGTTOU
Variable: SIGUSR1
Variable: SIGUSR2
These variables are bound to the signal numbers of POSIX signals.

Variable: SIGTRAP
Variable: SIGIOT
Variable: SIGBUS
Variable: SIGURG
Variable: SIGXCPU
Variable: SIGXFSZ
Variable: SIGPROF
Variable: SIGWINCH
Variable: SIGPOLL
Variable: SIGIO
Variable: SIGPWR
These variables are bound to the signal numbers of system-dependent signals. Not all of them may be defined on some systems.

Besides each signal numbers, you can refer to a set of signals using a <sys-sigset> object. It can be used to manipulate the signal mask, and to install a signal handler to a set of signals at once.

Class: <sys-sigset>
A set of signals. An empty sigset can be created by
(make <sys-sigset>)

Function: sys-sigset-add! sigset signal ...
Function: sys-sigset-delete! sigset signal ...
Sigset must be a <sys-sigset> object. Those procedures adds and removes the specified signals from sigset respectively, and returns the result. sigset itself is also modified.

signal may be either a signal number, another <sys-sigset> object, or #t for all available signals.

Function: sys-sigset-fill! sigset
Function: sys-sigset-empty! sigset
Fills sigset by all available signals, or empties sigset.

Function: sys-signal-name signal
Returns the human-readable name of the signal.

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