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3.2 Interactive development

When gosh is invoked without any script files, it goes into interactive read-eval-print loop.

To exit the interpreter, type EOF (usually Control-D in Unix termials) or evaluate (exit).

I recommend you to run gosh inside Emacs, for it has rich features useful to interact with internal Scheme process. Put the following line to your `.emacs' file:
(setq scheme-program-name "gosh")
And you can run gosh by M-x run-scheme.

If you want to use multibyte characters in the interaction, make sure your terminal's settings is in sync with gosh's internal character encodings.

Currently gosh has no fancy features such as line-editing or command history. They'll be added in future.

See section 9.6 gauche.interactive - Utilities for interactive session, for some procedures useful in interactive session.

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