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6.21.8 Time

Gauche has two representations of time, one is compatible to POSIX API, and the other is compatible to SRFI-18, SRFI-19 and SRFI-21. Most procedures accept both representations; if not, the representation the procedure accepts is indicated as either 'POSIX time' or 'SRFI time'.

POSIX time is represented by a real number which is a number of seconds since Unix Epoch (Jan 1, 1970, 0:00:00GMT). Procedure sys-time, which corresponds to POSIX time(2), returns this time representation.

SRFI-compatible time is represented by an object of <time> class, which keeps seconds and nanoseconds, as well as the type of the time (UTC, TAI, duration, process time, etc). Current-time returns this representation. POSIX time SRFI time  

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