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Builtin Class: <time>
The <time> object also represents a point of time.

Instance Variable: <time> type
Indicates time type. time-utc is the default, and that represents the number of seconds since Unix Epoch. SRFI-19 (See section 10.9 srfi-19 - Time data types and procedures) adds more types.
Instance Variable: <time> second
Second part of the time.
Instance Variable: <time> nanosecond
Nanosecond part of the time.

Function: current-time
[SRFI-18][SRFI-21] Returns the <time> object representing the current time in time-utc. See section 10.9 srfi-19 - Time data types and procedures, for it redefines current-time to allow optional argument to specify time type.

Function: time? obj
[SRFI-18][SRFI-19][SRFI-21] Returns #t if obj is a time object.

Function: time->seconds time
Function: seconds->time seconds
[SRFI-18][SRFI-21] Converts between time object and the number of seconds (POSIX-time). Time argument of time->seconds has to be a <time> object.

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