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9.2.2 Autodetecting the encoding scheme

There are cases that you don't know the CES of the input, but you know it is one of several possible encodings. The charconv module has a mechanism to guess the input encoding. There can be multiple algorithms, and each algorithm has the name. Right now, there's only one algorithm implemented:

To guess the character encoding from japanese text, among either ISO2022-JP(-1,2,3), EUCJP, SHIFT_JIS or UTF-8.

This name can be used in place of CES name for some conversion functions.

Function: ces-guess-from-string string scheme
Guesses the CES of string by the character guessing scheme scheme (e.g. "*JP"). Returns CES name that can be used by other charconv functions. It may return #f if the guessing scheme finds no possible encoding in string. Note that if there may be more than one possible encoding in string, the guessing scheme returns one of them, usually in favor of the native CES.

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