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9.4 gauche.config - Configuration parameters

Module: gauche.config
This module provides a simple wrapper to obtain configuration parameters via gauche-config program.

The gauche-config program is a simple shell script that records various parameters given at the configuration time of Gauche.

Function: gauche-config option
Calls gauche-config with the option option, and returns the string of the parameter value. It is an error to give the option gauche-config doesn't understand.

See the manpage of gauche-config, or run gauche-config without any argument from the shell, to find out the valid options.

(gauche-config "--cc")
  => "gcc"
(gauche-config "-L")
  => "-L/usr/lib/gauche/0.6.5/i686-pc-linux-gnu"
(gauche-config "-l")
  => "-ldl -lcrypt -lm -lpthread"

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