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9.22 gauche.threads - Threads

If enabled at compilation time, Gauche can use threads built on top of POSIX threads (pthreads).

Module: gauche.threads
Provides thread API. You can 'use' this module regardless whether the thread support is compiled in or not; if threads are not supported, many thread-related procedures simply signals a "not supported" error.

To check if threads are available in the running Gauche program, use the following procedure.

Function: gauche-thread-type
Returns a symbol that indicates the supported thread type. In the current version, the return value may be pthread when threads on top of POSIX threads are available, or none when threads are not available.

Scheme-level thread API conforms SRFI-18, "Multithreading support" ([SRFI-18]), wrapped around Gauche's object interface.

9.22.1 Thread procedures  
9.22.2 Synchronization primitives  
9.22.3 Thread exceptions  

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