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10.7 srfi-13 - String library

Module: srfi-13
Defines a large set of string-related functions. In Gauche, those functions are splitted to number of files and the form (use srfi-13) merely sets up autoloading of those files. So it is not likely to slow down the script startup.

See SRFI-13 (SRFI-13) for the detailed specification and discussion of design issues. This manual serves as a reference of function API. Some SRFI-13 functions are Gauche built-in and not listed here.

Note: SRFI-13 documents suggests the name of the module that implements these functions to be "string-lib" and "string-lib-internals". Gauche uses the name "srfi-13" for consistency.

10.7.1 General conventions  
10.7.2 String predicates  
10.7.3 String Constructors  
10.7.4 String selection  
10.7.5 String comparison  
10.7.6 String Prefixes & Suffixes  
10.7.7 String searching  
10.7.8 String case mapping  
10.7.9 String reverse & append  
10.7.10 String mapping  
10.7.11 String rotation  
10.7.12 Other string operations  
10.7.13 String filtering  
10.7.14 Low-level string procedures  

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