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10.9.1 Time types

Time type is represented by a symbol. This module defines the following constant variables that is bound to its name, for convenience.

Constant: time-utc
[SRFI-19] UTC time. Gauche's built-in current-time always returns this type (See section SRFI time).

Constant: time-tai
[SRFI-19] International Atomic Time. This time is a bit larger than UTC, due to the leap seconds.

Constant: time-monotonic
[SRFI-19] Implementation-dependent monotonically increasing time. In Gauche, this is the same as time-tai.

Constant: time-duration
[SRFI-19] Duration between two absolute time points.

Constant: time-process
[SRFI-19] CPU time in current process. Gauche calculates this from user time and system time returned by POSIX times(3).

Constant: time-thread
[SRFI-19] CPU time in current thread. In the current implementation, this is the same as time-process.

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