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10.9.3 Time procedures

Function: make-time type seconds nanoseconds
[SRFI-19] Returns an instance of <time> class with specified initial values. Equivalent to (make <time> :type type :second seconds :nanosecond nanoseconds).

Function: time-type time
Function: time-second time
Function: time-nanosecond time
Function: set-time-type! time type
Function: set-time-second! time second
Function: set-time-nanosecond! time nanosecond
[SRFI-19] Getter and setter of <time> object slots.

Function: copy-time time
[SRFI-19] Returns a new instance of <time> whose content is the same as given time

Function: time=? time0 time1
Function: time<? time0 time1
Function: time<=? time0 time1
Function: time>? time0 time1
Function: time>=? time0 time1
[SRFI-19] Compares two times. Types of both times must match.

Function: time-difference time0 time1
Function: time-difference! time0 time1
[SRFI-19] Returns the difference of two times, in time-duration time. Types of both times must match. Time-difference! modifies time0 to store the result.

Function: add-duration time0 time-duration
Function: add-duration! time0 time-duration
Function: subtract-duration time0 time-duration
Function: subtract-duration! time0 time-duration
[SRFI-19] Adds or subtracts time-duration to or from time0. Type of returned time is the same as time0. Type of time-duration must be time-duration. add-duration! and subtract-duration! reuse time0 to store the result.

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