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10.9.4 Date

Class: <date>

Function: make-date nanosecond second minute hour day month year zone-offset

Function: date?

Function: date-nanosecond date
Function: date-second date
Function: date-minute date
Function: date-hour date
Function: date-day date
Function: date-month date
Function: date-year date
Function: date-zone-offset date

Function: date-year-day date
Function: date-week-day date
Function: date-week-number date day-of-week-starting-week

Function: date->julian-day date
Function: date->modified-julian-day date
Function: date->time-monotonic date
Function: date->time-tai date
Function: date->time-utc date
[SRFI-19] Conversions from date to various date/time types.

Function: julian-day->date jd &optional tz-offset
Function: julian-day->time-monotonic jd
Function: julian-day->time-tai jd
Function: julian-day->time-utc jd
[SRFI-19] Conversions from julian-day to various date/time types.

Function: modified-julian-day->date jd &optional tz-offset
Function: modified-julian-day->time-monotonic jd
Function: modified-julian-day->time-tai jd
Function: modified-julian-day->time-utc jd
[SRFI-19] Conversions from modified julian-day to various date/time types.

Function: time-monotonic->date time &optional tz-offset
Function: time-monotonic->julian-day time
Function: time-monotonic->modified-julian-day time
Function: time-monotonic->time-tai time
Function: time-monotonic->time-tai! time
Function: time-monotonic->time-utc time
Function: time-monotonic->time-utc! time
[SRFI-19] Conversions from time-monotonic to various date/time types.

Function: time-tai->date time &optional tz-offset
Function: time-tai->julian-day time
Function: time-tai->modified-julian-day time
Function: time-tai->time-monotonic time
Function: time-tai->time-monotonic! time
Function: time-tai->time-utc time
Function: time-tai->time-utc! time
[SRFI-19] Conversions from time-tai to various date/time types.

Function: time-utc->date time &optional tz-offset
Function: time-utc->julian-day time
Function: time-utc->modified-julian-day time
Function: time-utc->time-monotonic time
Function: time-utc->time-monotonic! time
Function: time-utc->time-tai time
Function: time-utc->time-tai! time
[SRFI-19] Conversions from time-utc to various date/time types.

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