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11.3 dbm.ndbm - NDBM interface

Module: dbm.ndbm

Class: <ndbm>
Inherits <dbm>. Provides an implementation for NDBM library. This module is only installed when your system already has NDBM.

Besides the unified DBM interface (See section 11.1 dbm - Generic DBM interface), this module provides the following low-level functions that provides direct access to the ndbm API. See ndbm manual for details of these APIs.

Function: ndbm-open path flags mode

Function: ndbm-close ndbm-object

Function: ndbm-closed? ndbm-object

Function: ndbm-store ndbm-object key content &optional flag

Function: ndbm-fetch ndbm-object key

Function: ndbm-delete ndbm-object key

Function: ndbm-firstkey ndbm-object

Function: ndbm-nextkey ndbm-object

Function: ndbm-error ndbm-object

Function: ndbm-clear-error ndbm-object

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