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11.6 file.util - Filesystem utilities

Module: file.util
Provides convenient utility functions handling files and directories. Those functions are built on top of the primitive system procedures described in 6.21.3 Filesystems.

Many procedures in this module takes a keyword argument follow-link?, which specifies the behavior when the procedure sees a symbolic link. If true value is given to follow-link? (which is the default), the procedure operates on the file referenced by the link; if false is given, it operates on the link itself.

Note on the naming convention: Some Scheme implementations "create" new directories and files, while the others "make" them. Some implementations "delete" them, while the others "remove" them. It seems that both conventions are equally popular. So Gauche provides both.

11.6.1 Directory utilities  
11.6.2 Pathname utilities  
11.6.3 File attibute utilities  
11.6.4 File operations  

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