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11.9 rfc.822 - RFC822 message parsing

Module: rfc.822
Defines a set of functions that parses and constructs the "Internet Message Format", a text format used to exchange e-mails. The most recent specification can be found in RFC2822 (RFC2822). The format was originally defined in RFC 822, and people still call it "RFC822 format", hence I named this module. In the following document, I also refer to the format as "RFC822 format".

Say (use rfc.822) to use this module.

Function: rfc822-header->list iport &optional strict?
Reads RFC822 format message from an input port iport, until it reaches the end of the message header. The header fields are unfolded, and broken into a list of the following format:
((name body) ...)
Name ... are the field names, and body ... are the corresponding field body, both as strings. Field names are converted to lower-case characters. Field bodies are not modified, except the folded line is concatenated, CRLFs removed. The order of fields are preserved.

Function: rfc822-parse-date string
Takes RFC-822 type date string, and returns eight values:
year, month, day-of-month, hour, minutes, seconds, timezone, day-of-week.

Timezone is an offset from UT in minutes. Day-of-week is a day from sunday, and may be #f if that information is not available. If the string is not parsable, all the elements are #f.

Note: This function follows the new definition of date format in RFC2822, but may fail to recognize "obsolete" format, which allows arbitrary comments appear between words.

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