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C.1 Function and Syntax Index

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Index Entry Section

%macroexpand5.3 Macro expansion
%macroexpand-15.3 Macro expansion

(setter object-apply)6.15.2 Applicable objects
(setter port-buffering)6.18.2 Common port operations
(setter ref)9.18.1 Fundamental sequence accessors
(setter subseq)9.18.2 Slicing sequence
(setter subseq)9.18.2 Slicing sequence

*6.2.4 Arithmetics

+6.2.4 Arithmetics

-6.2.4 Arithmetics
->char-set10.8.1 Character-set constructors

/6.2.4 Arithmetics

<6.2.3 Numerical comparison
<=6.2.3 Numerical comparison

=6.2.3 Numerical comparison

>6.2.3 Numerical comparison
>=6.2.3 Numerical comparison

abandoned-mutex-exception?9.22.3 Thread exceptions
abs6.2.4 Arithmetics
absolute-path?11.6.2 Pathname utilities
acons6.4.3 List constructors
acos6.2.4 Arithmetics
acosh6.2.4 Arithmetics
add-duration10.9.3 Time procedures
add-duration!10.9.3 Time procedures
add-load-path6.19.1 Loading Scheme file
alist-cons10.2.9 Association lists
alist-copy10.2.9 Association lists
alist-delete10.2.9 Association lists
alist-delete!10.2.9 Association lists
all-modules4.11.5 Module introspection
and4.5 Conditionals
and-let*10.3 srfi-2 - And-let*
angle6.2.5 Numerical conversions
any10.2.7 List searching
any$10.2.7 List searching
any-pred6.15.1.2 Combinators
append6.4.5 Other list procedures
append!6.4.5 Other list procedures
append-map10.2.5 List fold, unfold & map
append-map!10.2.5 List fold, unfold & map
append-reverse10.2.4 List miscellaneous routines
append-reverse!10.2.4 List miscellaneous routines
apply6.15.1 Procedures
apply$ Combinators
apply-generic7.6.6 Customizing method application
apply-method7.6.6 Customizing method application
apply-methods7.6.6 Customizing method application
apropos9.6 gauche.interactive - Utilities for interactive session
arity6.15.1.4 Procedure arity
arity-at-least-value6.15.1.4 Procedure arity
arity-at-least? Procedure arity
array9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
array->list9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
array->vector9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
array-end9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
array-for-each-index9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
array-length9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
array-map9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
array-map9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
array-map!9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
array-map!9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
array-rank9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
array-ref9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
array-ref9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
array-retabulate!9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
array-retabulate!9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
array-set!9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
array-set!9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
array-shape9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
array-size9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
array-start9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
array?9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
ash6.2.6 Bitwise operations
asin6.2.4 Arithmetics
asinh6.2.4 Arithmetics
assert-curr-char11.18 text.parse - Parsing input stream
assoc6.4.5 Other list procedures
assoc$10.2.9 Association lists
assq6.4.5 Other list procedures
assv6.4.5 Other list procedures
atan6.2.4 Arithmetics
atan6.2.4 Arithmetics
atanh6.2.4 Arithmetics
autoload6.19.4 Autoload

base64-decode11.10 rfc.base64 - Base64 encoding/decoding
base64-decode-string11.10 rfc.base64 - Base64 encoding/decoding
base64-encode11.10 rfc.base64 - Base64 encoding/decoding
base64-encode-string11.10 rfc.base64 - Base64 encoding/decoding
begin4.7 Sequencing
begin04.7 Sequencing
bignum?6.2.2 Numerical predicates
bit-field6.2.6 Bitwise operations
boolean?6.3 Booleans
break10.2.7 List searching
break!10.2.7 List searching
build-path11.6.2 Pathname utilities
build-transliterator11.19 text.tr - Transliterate characters

caaaar6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
caaadr6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
caaar6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
caadar6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
caaddr6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
caadr6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
caar6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
cadaar6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
cadadr6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
cadar6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
caddar6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
cadddr6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
caddr6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
cadr6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
call-with-builder9.3.4 Fundamental iterator creators
call-with-client-socket9.11.2 High-level network functions
call-with-current-continuation6.15.3 Continuation
call-with-input-file6.18.3 File ports
call-with-input-file9.2.4 Extended port procedures
call-with-input-process9.14.2 Process ports
call-with-input-string6.18.4 String ports
call-with-iterator9.3.4 Fundamental iterator creators
call-with-iterators9.3.4 Fundamental iterator creators
call-with-output-file6.18.3 File ports
call-with-output-file9.2.4 Extended port procedures
call-with-output-process9.14.2 Process ports
call-with-output-string6.18.4 String ports
call-with-process-io9.14.2 Process ports
call-with-string-io6.18.4 String ports
call-with-values6.15.4 Multiple values
call/cc6.15.3 Continuation
car6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
car+cdr10.2.3 List selectors
case4.5 Conditionals
cdaaar6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
cdaadr6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
cdaar6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
cdadar6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
cdaddr6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
cdadr6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
cdar6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
cddaar6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
cddadr6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
cddar6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
cdddar6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
cddddr6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
cdddr6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
cddr6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
cdr6.4.4 List accessors and modifiers
ceiling6.2.4 Arithmetics
ces-conversion-supported?9.2.1 Supported character encoding schemes
ces-convert9.2.3 Conversion ports
ces-guess-from-string9.2.2 Autodetecting the encoding scheme
cgi-get-parameter11.24 www.cgi - CGI utility
cgi-header11.24 www.cgi - CGI utility
cgi-main11.24 www.cgi - CGI utility
cgi-parse-parameters11.24 www.cgi - CGI utility
char->integer6.8 Characters
char->ucs6.8 Characters
char-alphabetic?6.8 Characters
char-ci<=?6.8 Characters
char-ci<?6.8 Characters
char-ci=?6.8 Characters
char-ci>=?6.8 Characters
char-ci>?6.8 Characters
char-downcase6.8 Characters
char-lower-case?6.8 Characters
char-numeric?6.8 Characters
char-ready? Reading data
char-set6.9 Character Set
char-set->list10.8.4 Character-set query
char-set->string10.8.4 Character-set query
char-set-adjoin10.8.5 Character-set algebra
char-set-adjoin!10.8.5 Character-set algebra
char-set-any10.8.4 Character-set query
char-set-complement10.8.5 Character-set algebra
char-set-complement!10.8.5 Character-set algebra
char-set-contains?6.9 Character Set
char-set-copy6.9 Character Set
char-set-count10.8.4 Character-set query
char-set-cursor10.8.3 Character-set iteration
char-set-cursor-next10.8.3 Character-set iteration
char-set-delete10.8.5 Character-set algebra
char-set-delete!10.8.5 Character-set algebra
char-set-diff+intersection10.8.5 Character-set algebra
char-set-diff+intersection!10.8.5 Character-set algebra
char-set-difference10.8.5 Character-set algebra
char-set-difference!10.8.5 Character-set algebra
char-set-every10.8.4 Character-set query
char-set-filter10.8.1 Character-set constructors
char-set-filter!10.8.1 Character-set constructors
char-set-fold10.8.3 Character-set iteration
char-set-for-each10.8.3 Character-set iteration
char-set-hash10.8.2 Character-set comparison
char-set-intersection10.8.5 Character-set algebra
char-set-intersection!10.8.5 Character-set algebra
char-set-map10.8.3 Character-set iteration
char-set-ref10.8.3 Character-set iteration
char-set-size10.8.4 Character-set query
char-set-unfold10.8.3 Character-set iteration
char-set-unfold!10.8.3 Character-set iteration
char-set-union10.8.5 Character-set algebra
char-set-union!10.8.5 Character-set algebra
char-set-xor10.8.5 Character-set algebra
char-set-xor!10.8.5 Character-set algebra
char-set<=10.8.2 Character-set comparison
char-set=10.8.2 Character-set comparison
char-set?6.9 Character Set
char-upcase6.8 Characters
char-upper-case?6.8 Characters
char-whitespace?6.8 Characters
char<=?6.8 Characters
char<?6.8 Characters
char=?6.8 Characters
char>=?6.8 Characters
char>?6.8 Characters
char?6.8 Characters
check-substring-spec10.7.14 Low-level string procedures
circular-list10.2.1 List constructors
circular-list?10.2.2 List predicates
clamp6.2.4 Arithmetics
class-direct-slots7.6.2.1 Class metaobject
class-direct-supers7.6.2.1 Class metaobject
class-name7.6.2.1 Class metaobject
class-of7.1 General Inquiry
class-precedence-list7.6.2.1 Class metaobject
class-slot-accessor7.6.2.2 Slot definition
class-slot-definition7.6.2.2 Slot definition
class-slot-ref7.5 Accessing Instance
class-slot-set!7.5 Accessing Instance
class-slots7.6.2.1 Class metaobject
close-input-port6.18.2 Common port operations
close-output-port6.18.2 Common port operations
coerce-to9.3.3 Miscellaneous operations on collection
compare6.20 Comparison and sorting
complete-sexp?9.7 gauche.listener - Listener
complex?6.2.2 Numerical predicates
compose6.15.1.2 Combinators
compute-get-n-set7.6.4 Customizing slot access
compute-slots7.6.4 Customizing slot access
concatenate10.2.4 List miscellaneous routines
concatenate!10.2.4 List miscellaneous routines
cond4.5 Conditionals
cond-expand10.1 srfi-0 - Feature conditional
condition-variable-broadcast!9.22.2 Synchronization primitives
condition-variable-name9.22.2 Synchronization primitives
condition-variable-signal!9.22.2 Synchronization primitives
condition-variable-specific9.22.2 Synchronization primitives
condition-variable-specific-set!9.22.2 Synchronization primitives
condition-variable?9.22.2 Synchronization primitives
cons6.4.3 List constructors
cons*10.2.1 List constructors
construct-cookie-string11.11 rfc.cookie - HTTP cookie handling
copy-bit6.2.6 Bitwise operations
copy-bit-field6.2.6 Bitwise operations
copy-file11.6.4 File operations
copy-port6.18.2 Common port operations
copy-time10.9.3 Time procedures
cos6.2.4 Arithmetics
cosh6.2.4 Arithmetics
count10.2.4 List miscellaneous routines
count$10.2.4 List miscellaneous routines
create-directory*11.6.1 Directory utilities
current-date10.9.2 Time queries
current-directory11.6.1 Directory utilities
current-error-port6.18.2 Common port operations
current-exception-handler6.16.4 Low-level exception mechanism
current-input-port6.18.2 Common port operations
current-julian-day10.9.2 Time queries
current-load-history6.19.1 Loading Scheme file
current-load-next6.19.1 Loading Scheme file
current-load-port6.19.1 Loading Scheme file
current-modified-julian-day10.9.2 Time queries
current-module4.11.2 Defining and selecting modules
current-output-port6.18.2 Common port operations
current-thread9.22.1 Thread procedures
current-time6.21.8.2 SRFI time
current-time10.9.2 Time queries
cut4.3 Making Procedures
cute4.3 Making Procedures

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