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C.4 Variable Index

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Index Entry Section

*argv*3.4 Writing Scheme scripts
*load-path*6.19.1 Loading Scheme file
*program-name*3.4 Writing Scheme scripts

1/pi11.7 math.const - Mathematic constants
180/pi11.7 math.const - Mathematic constants

addresses9.11.4 Netdb interface
AF_INET9.11.3 Low-level socket interface
AF_UNIX9.11.3 Low-level socket interface
aliases9.11.4 Netdb interface
aliases9.11.4 Netdb interface
aliases9.11.4 Netdb interface
atime6.21.3.4 File stats

bsize11.2 dbm.gdbm - GDBM interface

cflag9.20 gauche.termios - Termios
char-set:ascii10.8.6 Predefined character-set
char-set:blank10.8.6 Predefined character-set
char-set:digit10.8.6 Predefined character-set
char-set:empty10.8.6 Predefined character-set
char-set:full10.8.6 Predefined character-set
char-set:graphic10.8.6 Predefined character-set
char-set:hex-digit10.8.6 Predefined character-set
char-set:iso-control10.8.6 Predefined character-set
char-set:letter10.8.6 Predefined character-set
char-set:lower-case10.8.6 Predefined character-set
char-set:printing10.8.6 Predefined character-set
char-set:punctuation10.8.6 Predefined character-set
char-set:symbol10.8.6 Predefined character-set
char-set:title-case10.8.6 Predefined character-set
char-set:upper-case10.8.6 Predefined character-set
char-set:whitespace10.8.6 Predefined character-set
class6.21.4.2 Unix users
ctime6.21.3.4 File stats

default-random-source10.10 srfi-27 - Sources of Random Bits
dev6.21.3.4 File stats
dir6.21.4.2 Unix users

e11.7 math.const - Mathematic constants
environment9.7 gauche.listener - Listener
error-handler9.7 gauche.listener - Listener
error-port9.7 gauche.listener - Listener
evaluator9.7 gauche.listener - Listener

F_DUPFD9.5 gauche.fcntl - Low-level file operations
F_GETFD9.5 gauche.fcntl - Low-level file operations
F_GETFL9.5 gauche.fcntl - Low-level file operations
F_GETLK9.5 gauche.fcntl - Low-level file operations
F_OK6.21.3.4 File stats
F_RDLCK9.5 gauche.fcntl - Low-level file operations
F_SETFD9.5 gauche.fcntl - Low-level file operations
F_SETFL9.5 gauche.fcntl - Low-level file operations
F_SETLK9.5 gauche.fcntl - Low-level file operations
F_SETLKW9.5 gauche.fcntl - Low-level file operations
F_UNLCK9.5 gauche.fcntl - Low-level file operations
F_WRLCK9.5 gauche.fcntl - Low-level file operations
FD_CLOEXEC9.5 gauche.fcntl - Low-level file operations
file-mode11.1.1 Opening and closing a dbm database
finalizer9.7 gauche.listener - Listener

GDBM_CACHESIZE11.2 dbm.gdbm - GDBM interface
GDBM_CENTFREE11.2 dbm.gdbm - GDBM interface
GDBM_COALESCEBLKS11.2 dbm.gdbm - GDBM interface
GDBM_FAST11.2 dbm.gdbm - GDBM interface
GDBM_FASTMODE11.2 dbm.gdbm - GDBM interface
GDBM_INSERT11.2 dbm.gdbm - GDBM interface
GDBM_NEWDB11.2 dbm.gdbm - GDBM interface
GDBM_NOLOCK11.2 dbm.gdbm - GDBM interface
GDBM_READER11.2 dbm.gdbm - GDBM interface
GDBM_REPLACE11.2 dbm.gdbm - GDBM interface
GDBM_SYNC11.2 dbm.gdbm - GDBM interface
GDBM_SYNCMODE11.2 dbm.gdbm - GDBM interface
GDBM_WRCREAT11.2 dbm.gdbm - GDBM interface
GDBM_WRITER11.2 dbm.gdbm - GDBM interface
gecos6.21.4.2 Unix users
gid6.21.3.4 File stats
gid6.21.4.1 Unix Group
gid6.21.4.2 Unix users

hour6.21.8.1 POSIX time

iflag9.20 gauche.termios - Termios
ino6.21.3.4 File stats
input-port9.7 gauche.listener - Listener
isdst6.21.8.1 POSIX time

key-convert11.1.1 Opening and closing a dbm database

LC_ALL6.21.5 Locale
LC_COLLATE6.21.5 Locale
LC_CTYPE6.21.5 Locale
LC_MONETARY6.21.5 Locale
LC_NUMERIC6.21.5 Locale
LC_TIME6.21.5 Locale
len9.5 gauche.fcntl - Low-level file operations
lflag9.20 gauche.termios - Termios

mday6.21.8.1 POSIX time
mem6.21.4.1 Unix Group
message6.16.3 Exception object
min6.21.8.1 POSIX time
mode6.21.3.4 File stats
mon6.21.8.1 POSIX time
mtime6.21.3.4 File stats
mutex9.22.3 Thread exceptions

name6.21.4.1 Unix Group
name6.21.4.2 Unix users
name9.11.4 Netdb interface
name9.11.4 Netdb interface
name9.11.4 Netdb interface
name9.22.1 Thread procedures
name9.22.2 Synchronization primitives
name9.22.2 Synchronization primitives
nanosecond6.21.8.2 SRFI time
nlink6.21.3.4 File stats
nolock11.2 dbm.gdbm - GDBM interface

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