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4.11.2 Defining and selecting modules

Special Form: define-module name body ...
Name must be a symbol If a module named name does not exist, create one. Then evaluates body sequentially in the module.

Special Form: select-module name
Makes a module named name as the current module. It is an error if no module named name exists.

If select-module is used in the Scheme file, its effect is limited inside the file, i.e. even if you load/require a file that uses select-module internallly, the current module of requirer is not affected.

Special Form: with-module name body ...
Evaluates body sequentially in the module named name. Returns the last result(s). If no moudle named name, an error is signalled.

Special Form: current-module
Evaluates to the current module in the compile context. Note that this is a special form, not a function. Module in Gauche is statically determined at compile time.
(define-module foo
  (export get-current-module)
  (define (get-current-module) (module-name (current-module))))

(define-module bar
  (import foo)
  (get-current-module)) => foo ; not bar

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