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4.11.5 Module introspection

Builtin Class: <module>
A module class.

Function: module? obj
Returns true if obj is a module.

Function: find-module name
Returns a module object whose name is a symbol name. If the named module doesn't exist, #f is returned.

Function: all-modules
Returns a list of modules currently known to the system.

Function: module-name module
Function: module-imports module
Function: module-exports module
Function: module-table module
Accessors of a module object. Returns the name of the module (a symbol), list of imported modules, list of exported symbols, and a hash table that maps symbols to bindings, of the module are returned, respectively.

If the module exports all symbols, module-exports returns #t.

It is an error to pass a non-module object.

Function: module-parents module
Function: module-precedence-list module
Returns the information of module inheritance. Module-parents returns the modules module directly inherits from. Module-precedence-list returns the module precedence list of module (See section 4.11.4 Module inheritance).

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