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6.10.8 String Pointers

Builtin Class: <string-pointer>
String pointer is an object to access string efficiently in sequential order (either forward or backward).

Higher level string iterators and accessors are constructed on top of this primitive. See section 10.7 srfi-13 - String library, for details. It is highly recommended to use SRFI-13 functions instead of these string pointer objects, for portability.

Function: make-string-pointer str &optional (index 0)
Creates a string pointer that points to the index-th character of string str.

Function: string-pointer-copy sp
Copies a string pointer. The resulting string pointer shares the same string as sp, but has distinct pointer.

Function: string-pointer? obj
Returns #t iff obj is a string pointer.

Function: string-pointer-next! sp
Function: string-pointer-prev! sp

Function: string-pointer-set! sp index

Function: string-pointer-substring sp &keyword (after #f)

Function: string-pointer-index sp
Function: string-pointer-byte-index sp

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