Example Tests

These are examples that you can view and run from this site right now.

  • SimpleExample -- Start here. This test checks floating-point division using a five-line fixture.

  • CalculatorExample -- This test checks an HP-35 calculator simulator with assorted tables, all using the same column fixture. This includes a model based test generator.

  • MusicExample -- Inspired by Apple's iTunes, we test browsing of a music library using a combination of ActionFixture and RowFixture.

These are examples that are still in development.

We use these examples for testing new implementations. Here is an example that runs the other examples. Click http:run.cgi to perform this test.

file wiki right() wrong() ignores() exceptions()
arithmetic.html false 37 10 0 2
CalculatorExample.html true 76 8 0 0
MusicExample.html true 95 0 0 0
MusicExampleWithErrors.html true 55 9 0 0
NetworkExample.html true 6 0 0 0

Yikes. We don't pass our own tests. That's because we are using kaffe on linux, but not willing to program to its idiosyncracies.

We are only testing that we get the expected counts of right and wrong. There are twenty of these count comparisions above. But there are actually many more tests preformed. This fixture adds an extra line to the summary so that we can feel good even though LessonsLearned advises us not to base our confidence on test counts which are easily inflated.


See the fixture: http:Release/Source/eg/ExampleTests.java


Last edited October 24, 2002
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