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Software testing includes hundereds of processes an organization can use to learn about the software for which it is responsible or on which it depends. The choice of process depends on context: what learning will have value right now.

This site is devoted to just one of these practices, acceptance testing, especially as promoted by WardCunningham in his 2002 Agile Universe postion paper, Acceptance Testing as Document Authoring and Annotation.

The gist of the position is that acceptance tests are naturally expressed in the same context as requirements and specifications since they serve many of the same purposes especially collaboration and learning. The framework has other virtures too.

This wiki site is not (yet) part of the framework. The framework is about document annotation as a model of testing. Wiki is a convenient document management system. Our goal is to keep the two at arms lengh so that you need not have one to use the other. (But we are certainly enjoying the synergies available when using both together.)

Acceptance testing is one kind of testing called out in ExtremeProgramming. They have at times been called functional test or customer tests. To emphasize their role in guiding development BrianMarick has suggested CoachingTests.

Extreme Programming is one of the Agile methods which emphasize people working together to deliver code that responds to change.

There is more to testing software than that reflected by this framework. Within xp, developers communicate with other developers through the formalism of UnitTests.


Last edited October 7, 2002
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