About The Framework

If you DownloadNow you will get a compressed file containing a single root directory with these four subdirectoriesl

  • Source -- Java source code files and some test data. See below for the kinds of classes this source implements.

  • Classes -- Compiled source for the framework and some examples. If you download only tthe jar file you will not get the precompiled examples.

  • Documents -- Test specifications which are themselves documents, some copies of pages on this site, others original with the distribution.

  • Reports -- Annotated copies of specification documents produced by running tests. This is what the framework produces. We include some outputs so you will have something to look at should you have trouble producing them yourself.

You can browse these files without downloading if you like.

The source includes an increasing number of classes falling into the following categories.

  • Framework -- Enough logic to parse html, run tests, capture results and print them as a modified document.

  • Fixtures -- Assorted fixture abstractions classified by the nature of the tables used to drive them.

  • Support -- Machinery for reading and writing variables, calling methods, parsing and printing strings, and comparing values of various kinds.

  • Examples -- Small fixtures designed to be easily understood and often used to support example pages in this wiki.

DownloadNow lists changes made to the framework with each new release. PageHistory lists changes to this site.


Last edited September 23, 2002
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