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WelcomeVisitors presents the content of this site as a bullet list of pages that will be of interest to newcomers. These pages often lead to more detailed pages that explain how things work back in the kitchen, so to speak. If you're not sure you've found these pages yet let us recommend a Cook's Tour.

See also FrequentlyAskedQuestions.

Tour for Testers

Testers will want to know what this tests, how is it done, and who will do it.

Tour for Developers

Developers will want to know what's in a test, how it's maintained, and what's expected of their code.

Developers are encouraged to read the source code for the framework. It isn't long. See http:wc.cgi for line, word and character counts

Tour for Customers

Customers will want to know what they have to write, who will help them, and what they get in return.

Tour for Managers

Managers will want to know what this is, what it costs, returns to expect, and other's experience.


Last edited October 5, 2002
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