Customer Test Driven Development

Test-driven development is a programming rhythm that has made the creation of ProgrammerTests not only easier, but a joy to produce.

Today, the same can not be said of CustomerTests (CoachingTests, acceptance tests or whatever you like to call them).

Most teams don't write CustomerTests first and as a result, they suffer the pain of having to write these tests after their code has already been designed and written. CustomerTests are often written weeks after ProgrammerTests and teams are forever trying to catch up.

Ward's new framework offers a new way. His framework provides a deepening of the practice of test-driven development by making it easier to follow a CustomerTest-Driven development rhythm. This new rhythm can profoundly affect our system designs while making it a joy to produce CustomerTests. I am excited to begin adopting this new rhythm. --JoshuaKerievsky


Last edited October 7, 2002
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