Dot Net Run Script

Q: What does the script behind the run.cgi look like? Would it make sense to use to perform this function in the dotNet world? -- ChetHendrickson

A: Yes. -- WardCunningham

I wrote what I thought the run.cgi would look like in .Net and gave that to Mike Leach who has volunteered to host the fit examples. This happened in a bar after our meeting. Mike, do you still have that sketch?

Here is the pseudo code:

	on http request for run
		retrieve the http_referrer from the request
		retrieve that page as input
		Parse tables = new Parse(input);
		(new Fixture()).doTables(tables);
		retrieve the response stream from the request

Note, if you use tables for more than data then you will have to do the <wiki> trick or equivalent. I find this a pain so I now offer an alternate rendering of my wiki pages. Here is the MusicExample without the page formatting table.

The following ASP.NET files are based on your pseudo code and may work after integrating the FIT namespace and methods. -- MikeLeach


Last edited May 16, 2003
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