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Our current release is Version 1.1.

For information about Fit, see FitDocumentation. If you have further questions, please post to the MailingList rather than emailing maintainers directly. This allows everyone to benefit from the discussion.

Third-party FitTools are available to enhance your Fit usage. Please see the FitTools page for more information.

Platform Download Maintainer Notes
JavaPlatform http://prdownloads.sourc ... JamesShore Reference implementation
DotNetPlatform http://prdownloads.sourc ... JamesShore  
PythonPlatform ... / JohnRoth Yahoo login required to download
PerlPlatform TonyByrne  
SmalltalkPlatform http://www.cincomsmallta ... Store+Repository RandyCoulman Download from the Cincom Public Store Repository using VisualWorksSmalltalk
CppPlatform http://ceefit.woldrich.c ... sp?page=Download DavidWoldrich Visit for platform-specific documentation
RubyPlatform ... 5467/fit-1.2.gem GiulioPiancastelli Please use the RubyGems automatic installation instead of downloading locally the gem file
DelphiPlatform MichalWojcik and ChuckCrowellTaynton Based on partial ports done by SalimNair and MartinChernenkoff


These language implementation are not yet complete. Please post to the MailingList if you'd like to help.

Platform Maintainer
ObjectiveCeePlatform StevenNewton
PhpPlatform LuisFloreani

A few language implementations were started but now appear to be abandoned.

Platform Download Maintainer Notes
LispPlatform LispDownloads KenDickey Common Lisp and Scheme

If you'd like to start a new implementation of Fit, see TipsForCoreImplementors.

All platforms are released under the same GNU GPL v2 license. See http:Release/Source/license.txt.


Last edited October 14, 2009
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