Fat Table

We use the basic capabilities of the framework to describe and test more advanced features. Our general strategy will be to specify a table and then specify characteristics of the table once the table has been interpreted and appropriately annotated. Use run.cgi to run these tests.

Here is a table that uses the eg.Division fixture (from SimpleExample) to illustrate this process. The fat.Table fixture captures the table that comprises the second and subsequent rows of the table. It then evaluates this table and saves the results in memory for subsequent analysis.

numerator denominator quotient()
1000 10 100.0000
1000 10 123.0000
1000 lksjdkf 123.0000
-1000 10 -100.0000
1000 7 142.85715
1000 .00001 100000000
4195835 3145729 1.3338196

One analyses of the completed table would be to see whether each cell has been annotated with the appropriate background color. The fat.Color fixture checks the specified color against that stored in the background of each cell in the table most recently run by fit.Table.

white white white
white white white
white white green
white white red
white yellow red
white white green
white white green
white white green
white white green


Last edited September 12, 2003
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