Fit Nesse



FitNesse is a tool created by RobertMartin, MicahMartin, and MichaelFeathers.

It is a self-contained, fully integrated, wiki and acceptance testing framework based upon FIT. The motto of FitNesse is: Download-and-go. We want it to be as simple as possible to set up and run. Therefore it is a standalone java program that servers it's own wiki and file pages.

FitNesse is also integrated with FIT. You can place acceptance tests (FIT) tables on any page, and then run that page through FIT. Classpaths are managed by special pages.

There are loads and loads of features we want to put into FitNesse, and we are looking for help in defining and specifying those features. Please go to and put your ideas in our comments section.


Last edited February 26, 2003
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