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Fit is one of my favorite frameworks to develop API testing in my projects. I've been using Fit for about 3-5 years now. So I decided to develop a simple Fit tool that allows you to execute Fit tests from a UI interface. I've been getting pretty good responses from people who has been used this tool. So I decided to give it out to the public as an open source project.

-- Arif Yayalar

Some of the functionalities of Fit Runner.

  • Simple, elegant interface
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Visual feedback on test results. Green, Red, or yellow
  • Built in web browser to display test results
  • Built in functionality to copy test fixture(s) to GAC
  • Built in HTML table generator. Generates html tables for the given test fixture.

Here are some screen shots that shows the basic workflow of this application;

This is how it looks when it is launched for the first time.

Select the Test Scenario(s) you would like to execute.

Once the Test Scenario(s) executed, visual feedback indicates whether a test passed, failed, or an exception occurred.

Fit Runner.NET creates a sub directory called out, and copies the test results in this directory. If you double click on this file, it launches the built-in browser and displays the details of the test results.

Download: ... fitrunnerdotnet/


Last edited February 11, 2008
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