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The following third-party tools are widely used and recommended by Fit users. If you have a fixture or other tool you'd like to share with the Fit community, please post to the MailingList and let us know! We'll add it to the list.

FitLibrary -


FitLibrary provides a number of new fixtures and runners for use with your Fit tests. We often hear people praising DoFixture, a replacement for ActionFixture, and FolderRunner, a command-line tool that allows you to process entire folders at once.

FitLibrary also works with FitNesse.

FitNesse -


FitNesse is a wiki-based Integrated Development Environment for Fit. It's a self-contained tool that aims to be extremely easy to set up and use. Rather than using a tool like Microsoft Word and the command-line to edit and run tests, all tests are created, edited, and run within a Wiki environment. FitNesse includes built-in revision control and support for test suites.

FitNesse uses heavily-modified versions of early Fit releases and is not 100% compatible with current versions of Fit.

We haven't heard as many reports about the following tools as we have about the ones above. Try them out and let us know (via the MailingList) what you think!

AntFit -


An external task for Ant that will invoke the FIT engine on the test input file.

MavenFit -


A FIT plugin for Maven based projects. It does run the FolderRunner from FitLibrary, which accepts a location for FIT tables and a location to write the resulting report.

WinFitRunnerLite - ... sts/default.aspx


A graphical launcher for Fit that includes support for reading tests written in Excel.

FitDecorators - ... ts/fitdecorator/


A framework for writing decorators for Fit fixtures. This project also provides a set of standard fit fixtures which can be used to decorate existing FIT table without modifying them.

GuiRunner - http://www.martin.busik. ... t-guirunner.html


A Java-based GUI for Fit that calls out to the command-line Fit runners. As a result, it should work with any version of Fit. The target audience is the "customer", i.e. somebody who writes and runs tests but does less or none changes on the source code

FITpro - Acceptance Test Solutions -

Java .NET

FITpro is built upon the Framework for Integrated Test (Fit). It provides integration with Eclipse and MS VS, and web UI. FITpro advanced features include code generation, suite support, and test to fixture links

FitRunnerDotNet - ... /fitrunnerdotnet


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