How To Read Tar Files

Our beta distributions are created with a unix command like the following.

  tar -cvzf b020927.tgz Release

This creates a gzip'd tar file of the entire release directory. The so called tarball is easily distributed and installed on most systems. We've tried three. Here is what worked for us.


To install on unix go to the directory where you would like the Release directory to reside and extract with tar.

  tar -xvzf b020927.tgz

or, if you don't have gnu tar, try

  gunzip < b020927.tgz | tar -xvf - 


To install on windows use a file expansion utility like win-zip.

  double-clidk b020927.tgz  (to open winzip)
  coose Extract


To install on Machintosh use a file expansion utility like stuff-it expaner.

  drop b020927.tgz on to the stufit-expander icon.

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Last edited September 28, 2002
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