Html Samples

This is a reference sample of html. We are collecting variations of this simple table generated by a variety of means and tools.

This file was generated by WardCunningham using wiki/4 with table extensions running on red hat linux 6.2.

x y plus() minus() times() divide()
200 300 500 -100 60000 0
400 20 420 380 8000 20

Things To Notice

AppleWorks leaves out last </TR> so parser quits without running tests. (Maybe parser should be more tolerant?)

HtmlTables can be coded with table heading tags, <TH> , in place of table data tags, <TD>. BrianMarick tried this just because he is that kind of guy. The parse failed reporting "can't find tag: td".

Thanks to BrianDorsey and BrianMarick for help assembling these samples.


Last edited September 24, 2002
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