James Shore

Jim is the co-author (with WardCunningham) of Fit for C# and is the coordinator of the overall Fit project. He maintains the FitSpecification and the Java and C# versions of Fit. He is a SystemAdministrator for the Fit site.

Jim has been involved with agile development since 1999, when he led a project using feature-driven development. In 2000, he started his first XP project and became active in the XP community, posting his experiences on WardsWiki and presenting at the first XpUniverse conference. He now provides consulting services, helping companies apply agile techniques. Jim is a recipient of the 2005 Gordon Pask award for contributions to agile practice. He maintains a blog at http://www.jamesshore.com.

Jim's first book, The Art of Agile Development (co-authored with ShaneWarden) was released in November 2007.


Last edited October 13, 2007
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