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See DownloadNow for downloads. This page is preserved for historical reasons only and has not been kept up-to-date since the v1.0 release.

Notice: Downloads are copyrighted material released under the open source GNU GPL v2. See http:Release/Source/license.txt.

Download v1.0 (http://prdownloads.sourc ... )

  • Improved whitespace handling.
  • Microsoft Word's "smart quotes" are turned into normal quotes.
  • Java line feed characters are turned into HTML <br /> tags (and vice-versa).
  • WikiRunner is deprecated in favor of a smarter FileRunner.
  • Created parse specification and associated fat fixtures.

Pre 1.0 releses follow. File names are "fit", "a" for alpha release, "b" for beta release, the release date in yymmdd format and "j" for java. The files contain a gzip'd tar of a single directory tree rooted in the directory "Release". See HowToReadTarFiles.

Download http:files/JavaDownloads/fit-b030915j.tgz

  • Add statics for some color codes.
  • Add boolean support to PrimitiveFixture
  • Add fat fixtures Table, Color, Equals, Divide, Money
  • Add FitSpecification.html document

Download http:files/JavaDownloads/fit-b030425j.tgz

  • Invert nesting of <font> and <pre> in Fixture.exception.
  • Change ColumnFixture to call execute() even without checks.
  • Add package fat (fit acceptance test)

Download http:files/JavaDownloads/fit-b030420j.tgz

Download http:files/JavaDownloads/fit-b021104j.tgz

  • Change TimedActionFixture to fill empty splits with &nbsp;
  • Add a few more tests of unescape(String) to FrameworkTests.
  • Change Summary lines to be gray as per ColorCode.
  • Add elapsed run time to Summary.
  • Change Fixture to have non-static Summary.
  • Improve calculation of ScientificPrecision.
  • Report values for unspecified cells.
  • Change TypeAdapter to print null as "null".
  • Add AllPairsExample (a "macroscopic" fixtures)
  • Add FileFootnotes to ExampleTests fixture.
  • Run ExampleTests in FrameworkTests.
  • Change TypeAdapter to print array elements with spaces.

Download http:files/JavaDownloads/fit-b021021j.tgz

  • Add Counts class replacing static variables for right, wrong, etc.
  • Change reflection to check for unexpected polymorphism.
  • Add example that runs all ExampleTests.

Download http:files/JavaDownloads/b021011.tgz

Download http:files/JavaDownloads/b021007.tgz

  • Change ignoring so that only non-blank cells are ignored
  • Change row matching to skip ignored columns
  • Add color annotation (red/green) to count line of Summary
  • Add TimedActionFixture which reports time of each step
  • Add ColumnIndex (a RowFixture) to test legal column heads
  • Add simulated realtime tests to MusicExample

Download http:files/JavaDownloads/b021004.tgz

Download http:files/JavaDownloads/b020927.tgz

  • Add escape of "<" and "&" in actual values
  • Improve handling of parse errors
  • Add fixture for WebPageExample
  • Change FrameworkTest to be date locale independent

Download http:files/JavaDownloads/a020912.tar.gz

  • Change "don't care" signal to blank.
  • Add license notice and info.

Download a020910.tar.gz (withdrawn)

  • Add logic to accept n/a to omit checks if we "don't care."
  • Package as "fit" for framework and "eg" for examples.
  • Add RowFixture
  • Add MusicExample as package "".

Download a020905.tar.gz (withdrawn)

Download a020902.tar.gz (withdrawn)

  • Add ActionFixture and some examples that use it.
  • Extend TypeAdapter to handle Arrays.
  • Modified spelling of Adapter to be consistent.

Download a020827.tar.gz (withdrawn)

Download a020823.tar.gz (withdrawn)

Download a020819.tar.gz (withdrawn)


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