Java Platform


The framework is hosted on a number of platforms. See HostPlatforms. The Java was done first and has been the model for the other implementations. Related implementations done in Smalltalk and Java predate this framework. See FrameworkHistory.

Development and test is done in Java Standard Edition version 1.3.1.

See DownloadNow to get the Java implementation.

The framework was written by WardCunningham. It came together quickly working roughly four hours a day, mostly in the early morning.

  • Parse was written in July in a hotel room in San Francisco using IntelliJ on a pc laptop.

  • Fixtures were written in August in a cabin at the Sunriver resort in the Oregon high desert using IntelliJ on an apple laptop.

  • This Wiki and most examples were written in September in Portland using the above plus perl and linux.

Some pages on this site are Java centric. We will be working hard to word them in platform independent ways or note platform dependencies where they are unavoidable.

I didn't think to take a picture programming at the cabin. But here's a picture of the deck. Its cold in the morning there. I'd get up early, build a fire, make some coffee and start programming.


Last edited April 28, 2005
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