Jweb Unit Directory Runner

A DirectoryRunner runs all tests foud in one or more directories. For example:

 java net.sourceforge.jwebunit.fit.DirectoryRunner \
 -cp YOUR_CLASSPATH fitttests/inputDir fittests/outputDir

This will recurse all the directories under inputDir and run all the files that end with .fit.in.html. They will be dumped into outputDir with an index.html page in each directory that will display the summary results.

On my current project, I create and maintain all my tests with the RikiQuickiWiki. I use a ruby script to dump them to "fittests/inputDir", then run the directory runner on them. This is all called within an Ant tasks in my build script. The app I am currently working on is only a couple of screens so running the tests only takes about 10 seconds. -- WilkesJoiner


Last edited November 9, 2002
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