Jweb Unit Fixture

Web testing fixture under construction by JimWeaver and WilkesJoiner of ThoughtWorks.

We had just put a web testing framework up on sourceforge, http://jwebunit.sourceforge.net, when we heard about Ward's fit. Our framework was built on Junit and HttpUnit, and requires java code to write the tests. We were just discussing that we needed a way to remove the test data from the code when fit hit. It is now 1.0, and 1.1 will follow shortly with contributions from other users.

So now we are trying to build fixture(s) that will talk to JWebUnit / HttpUnit to do their work. The good news is that all the fun parsing and web manipulation work is ready at hand, the bad news is that we have some work to plug an acceptable fit tabular UI into it and to report results back in a fit-friendly way.

A JwebUnit.DirectoryRunner is in the works. You can grab it from our cvs repository on sourceforge.

RikiQuickiWiki - A very straight translation of Ward's QuickiWiki from perl to ruby is in our cvs repository.


Last edited November 4, 2002
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