Latest Changes

(Last updated for v1.1.)

Latest changes in specification:

  • HTML to text: Added support for class attribute in MS Word <p> tag parsing
  • HTML to text: Clarified handling of leading and trailing line breaks
  • Text to HTML: Changed handling of "backwards line feed"
  • Fixture loading: Added specific error messages when fixtures don't load
  • Standard annotations: Changed all HTML to put quotes around color attributes
  • Standard annotations: Changed "error" and "info" annotations to convert new text to HTML.
  • Standard annotations: Changed "wrong" and "error" annotations to strip mark-up from original cell.
  • Standard annotations: Changed "error" annotation to use standard font size for error message.
  • Malformed HTML Parsing: Changed unclosed table, tr, and td tags to generate an error.
  • ColumnFixture: Changed headers to allow multiple words.
  • Fixture loading: Added argument list by fixture name.
  • Parsing: Added support for nested tables.

Latest changes in Java version:

Latest changes in .NET version:

Latest changes in the Python version:

PyFit 0.7a2 over PyFit 0.6a1 was updated for Fit 1.1, complete rewrite of the runners, major revision of the type adapter structure, almost complete implementation of Fit Library and too many other small changes to mention.

Latest changes in the Smalltalk version:

  • Unofficial 1.0 port was updated for 1.1 and made official.


Last edited May 14, 2005
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