Music Example Object Model

This page describes the objects in use by our most complicated example. Go to following pages to see the objects in use.

The objects in use fall into three general categories: generic fixtures, application specific fixtures, and application domain models.

Generic fixtures that interpret action words.

Application specific fixtures that simulate screens and system calls.

  • Browser (a plain Fixture) -- Stand in for the main application screen.
  • Dialog (a plain Fixture) -- Stand in for a modal error dialog.
  • Display ( a RowFixture) -- Search results from the library.
  • Simulator (an Object) -- Simulates system behavior for realtime actions.

Domain objects within the application.

  • Music -- A song. The elements of the library. Played by the player.
  • MusicLibrary -- Collects songs with mechanisms for finding them.
  • MusicPlayer -- Plays Music with usual tape recorder style controls.

See the generic fixtures.

See the application fixtures.

See the application.


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