Other Family Fixtures

The three original, core fixtures can be seen as the first members of three families of fixtures:

	  * Each row is a test, with given values and expected calculated values in columns
	  * Good for testing calculations
	  * Each row carries out an action or a check
	  * Good for testing work flow, usually in a sequence of tables
	  * The rows together define what elements are expected
	  * Good for testing lists, sets, queries, etc. Usually used with Action fixtures

There are additional general-purpose fixtures in each of these families:

Calculate fixtures:

	  * Distinguishes given and calculated columns in a different way (ie, not with "()")
	  * Handles ExtendedCamelCase in the header row

Action fixtures:
  • StepFixture
	  * Allows actions with multiple arguments
  • DoFixture
	  * Allows actions with multiple arguments with separators (using ExtendedCamelCase)
  • RowEntryFixture (provided with FitNesse)
	  * Allows for data entry, a row at a time
	  * Good for setting up the data for a test

List fixtures:
  • RowSubsetFixture
	 * Tests that the expected rows are a subset of the actual collection from the System Under Test
  • ArrayFixture
	  * Tests the order of the sequence as well
  • ImageFixture
	  * The 2D table contains images, whose names are compared against the actual elements of the collection

Further details and code for these fixtures (or links for them) will be provided during May 2004.

Let me know if you would like to offer your own general-purpose fixture, whether or not it fits into one of the three families. r.mugridge at auckland.ac.nz



Last edited May 9, 2004
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