Perl Platform

DaveSmith startet with the perl port, most of the 0.01 version was his work. TonyByrne has taken on the task of updating DaveSmith's original port for Perl. He implemented the fit acceptance tests and made the package available via CPAN. Martin Busik helped Tony get the package out of an alpha status and implemented the TypeAdapter support.

Supported perl versions are as of 5.6.1. Propably it works with 5.6.0 too, there might be some difficulties when using unicode escape sequences.

The perl port now behaves according to the 1.1 reference (java) implementation. All of the java-examples are working. There are also perl-specific examples, e.g. for the TypeAdapter support.

The package is avaliable via CPAN, so in order to install it, you just have to type:

perl -MCPAN -e install Test::C2FIT

Please report bugs via

Here's Dave at work.


Last edited July 8, 2006
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