Python Downloads

Available downloads for the PythonPlatform are listed here with more recent builds listed first and features of each release listed following each download. File names are "fit-" for identification, "b" for beta release, the release date in yymmdd format and "py" for the Python platform. The files contain a gzip'd tar of a single directory tree rooted in the directory "Release". See HowToReadTarFiles.

Developers can also find a python fit CVS repository at http://cvs.sourceforge.n ... wiki/fit-python/ . If you'd like to help, send your sourceforge id to SimonMichael and I'll give you commit access.

Notice: Downloads are copyrighted material released under the open source GNU GPL v2. See http:Release/Source/license.txt.

Download http:files/PythonDownloads/fit-b021014py.tgz (recommended)

  • Renamed README to readme.txt to be compatible with apache.
  • Add license.txt

Download http:files/PythonDownloads/fit-b021006py.tgz (withdrawn)

  • Intial port based on java of 020927


Last edited April 29, 2003
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