Python Platform

Support for the Python platform is thanks to the original work of SimonMichael and the continuing work of JohnRoth.

This implementation (currently 0.7a2) has complete support for batch, including passing all of the specification tests for Fit 1.1. It also supports FitNesse (see and contains an almost complete implementation of Rick Mugridge's Fit Library. It also contains the cell handlers from the FitNesse C# version.

It's been tested on Python release 2.3, and should run without difficulty on all releases from 2.2 through current.

To install, download from either the Fitnesse Yahoo group or the XP Yahoo group files section, unzip and install using the standard Python installer. (It will be availible from PyPi (the Python package index) as soon as I work out some details!)

There is additional documentation in the Doc directory.

Problems should be reported to me either on the FitNesse mailing list or the fit-users mailing list at SourceForge.

Grig Gheorghiu has some notes at the FitNesse site; see Brian Marick's blog ( also has some very interesting examples of using Fit Library to provide quite readable customer tests.


John Roth

Here is Simon at work creating the initial Python port.


Last edited May 3, 2005
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