Sample Applications

People have been generously sent us copies of tests that they have written and the fixtures they have used to apply them. We would like to hear from you too. See TipsForSubmittingSamples.

  • TinyTv -- WardCunningham links to a microcontroller simulator to write acceptance tests of a video test pattern generator.

  • ExtremeGeneticProgramming -- JonGroff has integrated the framework with the Neovolve Genetic Programming system to create an eXtreme Genetic Programming environment where the tests drive the evolution of code.

  • SocketAcceptanceTester -- RickMugridge and his students use fixtures to talk plain text and xml protocols with a chat server under test.

  • SmcRemote -- BobMartin has written a CommandLineFixture that affords the ability to test concurrent command line applications.

  • UrbanSim -- BjornFreemanBenson introduced the framework at this large scale University of Washington project.

  • JwebUnit -- WilkesJoiner and JimWeaver have created a fixture that links with jWebUnit, their front end to the very well developed HttpUnit package (all open source).

  • VideoStore -- FrankWestphal wrote tests for three applications while we were still in alpha. He is only at liberty to share this toy application drawn from MartinFowler's refactoring book.

  • FitNesse -- A completely standalone download-and-go wiki, fully integrated with FIT.


Last edited October 11, 2003
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