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This site keeps track of page names on a few other related wiki sites. Look for small icons in left margin of pages here. These lead to similar pages on one or more of the following sister sites.

BrianMarick and BretPettichord have been working on a pattern language that includes both test automation design patterns and more general process patterns describing how testers can fit into ExtremeProgramming. It is sometimes called Clipper:

The PortlandPatternRepository wiki (WardsWiki) is a sister to this site, but not (yet) the other way around. That means pages there can be cited here with no special syntax. Also pages here that duplicate pages there will have an iconic link to there also.

The FitNesse site: FitNesse is a self contained, fully integrated, wiki and acceptance testing framework based upon FIT. It is meant to be ultra simple to download, configure, and operate. No web-server is needed. It's a stand-alone java program that serves wiki pages and operates acceptance tests. Perfect for business analysts.

The Fit Implementation Playground ( is a public access companion to the to this site, created by BrianIngerson. It's a place where you are encouraged to try any test against any registered implementation. You can add new test pages and register your own implementations. You can also simply comment on the tests and implementations or do anything else you see fit.

We are happy to be the sister of any software development site. Here is our sister information.



Last edited July 2, 2003
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