Smalltalk Platform

DonRoberts and JohnBrant helped WardCunningham get started on an implementation for Smalltalk at OOPSLA 2002.

DaveAstels inquired about a Smalltalk implementation and ended up with the task of finishing it.

He made some progress, and then RandyCoulman asked him about the status and ended up taking it over.

Currently, only VisualWorksSmalltalk is supported.

A fit-java-1.1 equivalent version of Fit for VisualWorksSmalltalk is available in the Cincom Public Store Repository (http://www.cincomsmallta ... Store+Repository).

See early results from Dave's implementation.

Here is Dave's work environment. (We wanted a picture of him, but we will settle for this. Pretty handsome, eh?)

Here is a picture of RandyCoulman who is mantaining the Smalltalk port. On the screen are side-by-side web browsers showing the Java and Smalltalk music example pages, along with a Smalltalk browser showing some of the code.


Last edited July 31, 2005
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