Socket Acceptance Tester

Here RickMugridge explains SAT the Socket Acceptance Tester, one of the featured SampleApplications of this framework.

SAT is a framework for testing socket-based servers. It allows for multiple clients to connect to a server and send and (expect to) receive messages.

It was developed to write acceptance tests for a Chat Server that was set as a project for year 2 Software Engineering students in 2002.

It uses a SatFixture table to process tests (this class in turn extends ActionRowFixture, which provides a general approach to running commands on each row in turn). It has setUp and tearDown capability, to allow a new server to be started to run a set of tests.

There are two fixtures - one for plain text message and one for XML messages (as used in the Chat Server). It could be extended to encode binary messages in hex.

Two test pages are supplied for testing SAT itself (TestSat.html and TestSatXml.html, which are included in the zip archive and the preview below). These also explain the capabilities of SAT.

SAT was originally developed using XML to define the tests, but this had several problems. It was converted to use Fit, which worked very well. See http://www.cs.auckland.a ... ~rick/satFit.pdf for a paper on SAT in Fit.

Recent papers on XP and TDD are at http://www.cs.auckland.a ... ersResources.htm

SAT may be downloaded here....

See http://www.cs.auckland.a ... k/sat/index.html for news about SAT.


Last edited February 12, 2003
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